Mining House

We provide ready-made high capacity mining
using up to date chips (7nm).

Get payback from your investment in 9-11 month
if the BTC value is $8700.
Join high profit mining of bitcoin with Mining House Goldjob
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Mining house

is a unique product by Goldjob based on the exclusive mining technology. This is a new type of modern data center.

We deliver and place your devices in our special data center
We do settings and monitor operation of your devices in order to provide maximum profit
We do maintenance service if it is damaged
We provide a private account with full statistics of your income
  • Mining house is equipped with mobile containers with the most modern chips 7nm, two-phase immersive cooling and all necessary infrastructure.
  • One container consists of 768 devices which capacity exceeds the capacity of up to date models of mining devices on average by 50%.
  • By the means of devices’ high capacity, up to date cooling system, minimum electricity power consumption and also connection of the devices to the Goldjob pool, payback starts from 9 months up to 11 months on an average (if Bitcoin costs $8700).

of your profit

Data depends on difficulty of BTC network and exchange rate of BTC

Choose number of devices*
Price of device*

2 200USD/

BTC exchange rate*

3 500USD

Profit per day 0.00 000 000BTC
Period of payback 00.00MON
Up to date mining devices (7nm chips)
  • Devices with a 7nm chip. Hashrate starts from 28 Th/s, and their productivity is between 60 and 70 Watt to Th/s.
  • Indexes of a new 7nm chip surpass the previous models by the means of higher calculating capacity and minimum electricity power consumption.
Two-phase immersive cooling
  • By the means of two-phase immersive cooling technology electricity power consumption is two times lower and mining is two times more effective because of high capacity of the chip.
  • This technology was developed by the engineers and mining industry specialists from the USA, Canada and Taiwan.

Effective model of participation
by Mining House Goldjob

Here your share is not eroded by new investors, since the number of devices in the container is limited.
While the process of purchase each device is assigned with an identification number, which is recorded for the customer in your account.
BTC accruals occur daily to your wallet or personal account with the possibility of reinvest.
Each user can resell equipment to another member of our platform or pick up equipment after 12 months of connection to the pool.
All the details you will find in our
Terms of use.

How to join
Mining House


Step 1

Each partner of Goldjob platform can buy a share.

The upcoming container is filled by


Step 2

The purchase is completed in BTC according to hr rate at the moment of a transaction. One device costs $2200.
7 d

Step 3

In 7 days you will start ming with daily accruals to your wallet.

Join high profit mining of bitcoin with Mining House Goldjob

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